At Chabad of Moon Valley, our mission is to serve as a vibrant center of Jewish life and learning, enriching the lives of individuals and families within the Moon Valley community and beyond. Rooted in the timeless teachings and traditions of Judaism, we are committed to fostering a warm, welcoming, and inclusive environment that embraces all with open hearts and open minds.

Our aim is to create a strong and united community, where each member is valued and supported on their unique journey of spiritual growth and personal development. Through engaging and meaningful programs, classes, and events, we seek to inspire a deeper understanding and appreciation of Jewish heritage, values, and customs.

Guided by the principles of compassion and kindness, we actively reach out to those in need, providing a helping hand and a listening ear to anyone seeking support. We strive to build bridges of understanding and tolerance, nurturing an atmosphere of respect and acceptance for all individuals, regardless of background or affiliation.

As ambassadors of goodwill, we believe in making a positive impact on society at large. Through acts of loving-kindness and community outreach, we aspire to contribute to a world filled with harmony, compassion, and shared humanity.

In everything we do, we remain committed to preserving and perpetuating the timeless wisdom of Judaism, instilling a sense of pride and belonging in the hearts of our community members.

Welcome to Chabad of Moon Valley – A community where souls are nourished and hearts find a home.