With leadership development, professional mentoring, religious, cultural and Israel education initiatives, Hillel at ASU has options for all students!  We proudly celebrate diversity and welcome students from all backgrounds. Students from local community colleges are also welcome! 


Hillel’s Vision: 

That each and every Jewish student will make an enduring commitment to Jewish life. 


Hillel’s Mission: 

To enrich the lives of Jewish undergraduate and graduate students so they may enrich the Jewish people, Israel and the world. 


What makes Hillel unique? 

  • Hillel is an amazing place to make new friends and build community. Whether you attend events, take a class with us, or grab coffee with one of our student leaders or staff, you’ll always find friendly people waiting to get to know you! 

  • Hillel is a pluralistic Jewish community for students of all backgrounds, ability, color, sexual identity, and faiths. 

  • Hillel is a one-stop shop for almost all of your needs (Sorry, we don’t have laundry!) Students tell us they love us for the mentorship from staff, opportunities to explore Phoenix, leadership experiences, travel opportunities, and the welcoming place to explore being Jewish. 

  • Our staff and student leaders are where you are and where you want to be! You can find us hanging out at our building at 10th and Mill as well as on and around campus providing SWAG, food, and good company! 

  • Our programs are student-run- they reflect YOUR interests and YOUR input!