As a hub for Jewish events of all kinds, Moishe House Phoenix brings together the growing, young, Jewish community of the metropolitan Phoenix area. Located in the heart of Scottsdale, the house is a center for professionals in their 20’s to connect with the expansive Jewish community throughout Phoenix. 



Started in June of 2013, Moishe House Phoenix has hosted hundreds of young Jewish professionals. The house hosts events in 4 general genres: social, cultural, religious, and repairing the world. Events range from Shabbat dinners, to game nights, to backyard Sukkot parties, and so much more. With these events, Moishe House Phoenix allows young adults, in the area, to connect with their Jewish identities in new and old ways. It is also a hub to meet new people, make new friends, and be a guide for individuals to live fuller Jewish lives as adults. 



New Jewish relationships, groups, and adventures have sprouted-up throughout Phoenix – created by Moishe House community members, alumni and Moishe House Without Walls hosts. Moishe House Phoenix is proud of the ever-growing Jewish community that we aim to inspire in Phoenix. 



In an effort to continue this growth and involvement, please contact any of the house members with any suggestions for Moishe House events or other ways to spread our wings together in the southwest!