Who We Are

The Israeli Scouts is a Zionist youth movement whose goal is to establish and develop educational-ethical frameworks including work of children and youth in a variety of experiential social activities which constitute for them a source of personal development, entertainment and enjoyment in the Hebrew language. The educational activity focuses on the values of friendship and tolerance, about “giving” and social involvement with an emphasis on personal initiative, leadership, excellence and love of Israel. 2nd to 12th grade kids are welcome to join us.

Our Goals

Strengthen relationships between Israel and North American Communities Project Israel in a positive light Promote brotherhood, tolerance, and respect among people of all faiths Form strong bonds of friendship between the Israeli youth and their American counterparts Provide linkage for the Tzofim movement in Israel.

Our Mission

Formed in 1995, the Friends of Israel Scouts, Inc. – Tzofim (FOIS) encompasses programs which develop and maintain a connection between the Tzofim (Israel Scouts) movement in Israel and North American Jewry.

How Can You Help

In order to establish a strong and impactful organization here in Arizona for our kids to grow into in an Israeli-supported atmosphere – we are looking to you, to be our ambassador, by Spreading the word in all available outlets, and if you can – please consider donating to Shevet Shemesh HERE.

**To register for Shevet Shemesh for the 2022-2023 year, please click HERE.