We want to let you know about some exciting staff changes for JewishPhoenix.com.

Richard Solomon, General Manager of the Jewish News, is now also assuming managerial responsibilities for JewishPhoenix.com. This move will allow CJP to capitalize on the synergies between the Jewish News and JewishPhoenix.com and provide maximum value to the community through content sharing on both platforms. Comprising this new team with Rich Solomon are Mala Blomquist, Managing Editor of the Jewish News; Leah Cresswell, Digital Coordinator for JewishPhoenix.com; Shannon Levitt, Staff Writer for Jewish News and Content Coordinator for JewishPhoenix.com; and Jodi Lipson, Advertising Sales Consultant for Jewish News.

Leah Cresswell will transition from Community Coordinator to her new role as Digital Coordinator, where will she be more closely involved with JewishPhoenix and is also now responsible for social media for all of CJP.

Jennifer Starrett, who formerly oversaw JewishPhoenix.com will transition to a new position as Associate Director, Community Engagement. In this role, Jennifer will focus on developing and executing programs that inspire and motivate engagement within diverse groups throughout the community.

For your reference, following is the contact information for the JewishPhoenix.com team.


Name Position Email Phone Contact For:
Rich Solomon General Manager, Jewish News &

Director, Jewish Phoenix

rsolomon@jewishaz.com 602.639.5861 Partnerships, business proposals, feedback, questions, subscription help or information
Leah Creswell Digital Coordinator, JewishPhoenix info@jewishphoenix.com


480.481,1754 JewishPhoenix.com general questions, help, pitches
Mala Blomquist Managing Editor, Jewish News editor@jewishaz.com


602.639.5855 Jewish News pitches, questions
Shannon Levitt Staff Writer, Jewish News & Content Coordinator, Jewish Phoenix slevitt@jewishaz.com 602.639.5854 Jewish News & JewishPhoenix.com pitches, questions
Jodi Lipson Advertising Sales Consultant jlipson@jewishaz.com 602.639.5866 Advertising in Jewish News or JewishPhoenix.com

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