Tzofim Tzabar – General information

The Israeli Scouts Movement is a youth movement which conducts programs throughout the State of Israel and is currently the largest youth movement in Israel. Since the scouting movement strives to reach each and every Israeli child, regardless of their location, the Tzabar leadership also operates throughout North America in order to reach Israeli youth here.  Their activities are based on the morals of the overall scouting movement and are derived from the basic principles of the Israeli youth movement as well.


Educating youth about democracy, tolerance and social responsibility, love for the land of Israel, and the formation of both a strong Israeli and Jewish identity are the main purposes which continually underlined in activities. The “Tzabar” reaches youth, ages 9-18 (grades 3-12).  Beyond a social experience, the children and teenagers gain a higher understanding and are equipped with tools aimed to strengthening their bond with Israel, and to foster and sustain a strong Israeli and Jewish identity.


In order to build a stronger Jewish and Israeli identity, activities are conducted in Hebrew.


The Shvatim (tribes/chapters) will have a number of meaningful events and activities throughout the year including: a yearly “kickoff” seminar for the older grades (Shachbag), a winter camping experience, ceremonies, celebrations and services. In addition, there will be a number of events for the entire group of members in the leadership grade (Shachbag) including: a camp for the older grades – “Machane Hadracha”, a seminar for leadership and more.  The Shvatim (tribes/chapters) are run by their counselors, older scout members, in conjunction with parent associations that are headed by a Chairperson and a Shevet leader.


The scouting activities are aimed at the development of our youth’s intellect, social skills, and morals through activities tailored for specific age groups including personal conversations, careful considerations, various projects, camping experiences, ceremonies, holiday celebration, music, sports and of course, lots of fun in the process.


Activities (Peulot) will be conducted on Sunday afternoons in a variety of locations throughout the Valley, a WhatsApp message with all relevant details is sent on Friday for the upcoming Sunday with location/time, etc.


Shachbag (10th to 12th grade) activities begin at 1:00 PM and Chanichim


(2nd to 9th grade) begins at 3:00 PM.


Both Shachbag and Chanichim complete activities at 5:00 PM.


The annual membership fees for the 2022-2023 activity year are as follows:


1st child (Shachbag OR Chanich):  $500,  2nd – $450, 3rd/4th child – $425


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