We’ve collected grilled dishes from across the web to share eight of our favorites with you. From appetizers to desserts, your grill might become your new favorite way to cook this summer with these fun and tasty recipes.

photo of a bowl filled with grilled guacamole next to a pile of chips on a picnic blanketGrilled Guacamole
A twist on a classic appetizer, this guacamole recipe gets an upgrade with some smoky flavors that included grilled onion, tomato and avocado. This delicious dish pairs perfectly with your favorite tortilla chips or fresh veggies, and is sure to be a hit amongst your guests.
Photo and recipe from Taste of Home.

photo of a plate full of grilled cauliflower and chickpeas with tahini, spices and fresh herbsHot and Smoky Cauliflower and Chickpeas
This dish is bursting with flavors and easy to pull together making it a definite crowd-pleaser for any summer party. You can easily adjust this recipe to your preferred heat level by adding more or less of the spicy harissa recommended to be drizzled over the finished dish.
Photo and recipe from kosher.com.

photo of a plate full of grilled halloumi cheese sprinkled with fresh herbsGrilled Halloumi Cheese
Halloumi is a firm cheese that is popular throughout the Mediterranean that is best enjoyed when cooked. Mild and buttery in flavor, this grilled cheese makes for the perfect compliment to many dishes whether you are putting it on top of a salad or inside a sandwich. This recipe includes a recipe for a tasty marinade that is sure to let the halloumi shine no matter what you pair it with.
Photo and recipe from Well Plated by Erin.

photo of a grilled vegetable tostada topped with cheese, tomatoes and herbsGrilled Vegetable Tostadas
Tostadas aren’t something you usually think about being cooked on a grill, but these might have you rethinking how you are cooking some of your favorite foods. The grilled veggies are easy to customize to what you either have on hand or to your specific preferences and you can top with a cheese of your choice to make this a delicious and filling grilled meal.
Photo and recipe from May I Have That Recipe.

photo of grilled chicken legs topped with peach salsa on a blue paper plate next to a glass of lemonade with a stripped paper strawGrilled Chicken Legs with Peach Salsa
This smoky grilled chicken is easy to make and pairs perfectly with the fresh peach salsa. Prefer to grill a different type of chicken like boneless chicken breasts or chicken thighs? This sweet and delicious salsa goes perfectly with any type of grilled chicken. For extra grilled flavor, try grilling the peaches and let cool before putting together the salsa.
Photo and recipe from Jamie Geller.

photo of square cuts of BBQ Pastrami Grilled pizza topped with arugulaBBQ Pastrami Grilled Pizza

If you haven’t ever tried to cook a pizza on a grill, you have been missing out! This delicious (cheese-less) recipe is easy to make and great for entertaining summer party guests. The pastrami pairs wonderfully with the honey BBQ sauce and the fresh arugula cuts through the sweetness to create a perfect balance.
Photo and recipe from Eitan Bernath.

photo of two bowls of grilled peach sundae topped with brandy butterscotch sauce and topped with mint next to a spoonGrilled Peach Sundae with Brandy Butterscotch Sauce
Grilled fruit is one of the easiest ways to impress when it comes to dessert during the summer. This recipe is packed with flavors like the buttery brandy sauce that pairs wonderfully with the smoky grilled peaches and creamy vanilla ice cream or yogurt. This dish takes no time to make but we don’t doubt you’ll be asked for the recipe every time you make it for guests.
Photo and recipe from Tori Avey.

photo of a grilled s'mores sandwiches split in two with melted marshmallow dripping out on top of a plateGrilled S’more Sandwiches
This fun twist on s’mores using thin slices of challah bread is a great way to serve up a summery dessert that everyone will enjoy. Using traditional s’mores ingredients like marshmallow fluff and chocolate, this recipe adds peanut butter and a sweet simple syrup brushed on the bread before grilling. You may want to make extras because this dessert will disappear quickly!
Photo and recipe from Shoshana Ohriner for JamieGeller.com

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