During the reading of the Purim story, it is customary to drown out Hamen’s name using a noisemaker called a Grogger. Here are a few ways for you to make your own with ingredients and materials you probably have already in your home!

Toilet Paper/Paper Towel Roll

Trace the end (circle) of the roll on a piece of paper and cut it out. Using duct tape, tape the cut out circle to the end of the roll in order to close it off. Fill the roll with dried rice or uncooked beans. Close off the other end using the other cut out circle and tape. You can now decorate the outside by either using markers or paint directly on the roll or by covering it with wrapping paper or a decorated piece of a paper.

DIY Grogger 1-pic1DIY Grogger 1-pic2








Box of Pasta

Decorate a piece of paper (or 2) with drawings, stickers or paint. When completed, use this artwork to cover a box of dried pasta (or Mac & Cheese) using tape or glue.

DIY Grogger 2- pic1DIY Grogger 2- pic2








Paper Plate

Take one paper plate color or decorate the outside (bottom) with stickers, crayons or paint. When decorated, fold the plate in half so that the drawings are shown. Begin stapling the edges together to form an envelope. Fill with dried rice or uncooked beans. Then continue stapling the plate shut so that the insides don’t fall out.

DIY Grogger 3- pic1DIY Grogger 3- pic2








Paper/Plastic Cup

Take one paper or plastic cup and fill with dried rice or uncooked beans. Place a second cup on top so that the tops of the cups line up. Tape shut using making or duct tape. When sealed, use stickers or paint to decorate and cover the cups.

DIY Grogger 4- pic1DIY Grogger 4- pic2

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