As we conclude Pride Month, a time dedicated to celebrating the LGBTQ+ community and advocating for their rights, it’s essential to continue our journey towards greater understanding and allyship. This month has been filled with stories of resilience, love, and the ongoing struggle for equality. As part of CJP’s ongoing commitment to fostering inclusive and welcoming spaces, we are excited to announce an upcoming professional development session focusing on LGBTQ+ inclusion and belonging, led by Keshet.

Insights from Parashat B’chukotai on LGBTQ+ Allyship

In the spirit of reflection, we turn to an insightful blog post by Keshet, titled “Consequences Beyond Comprehension: What Parashat B’chukotai Teaches Us About LGBTQ+ Allyship”. This post delves into Parashat B’chukotai, a portion from the Book of Leviticus, and explores its deeper implications for LGBTQ+ allyship within the Jewish community. It examines the consequences of not adhering to divine commandments and draws parallels to the challenges faced by the LGBTQ+ community in seeking acceptance and equality.

The author’s thoughtful analysis emphasizes the importance of active allyship and the collective responsibility to create a more inclusive environment. By understanding the historical and cultural contexts of these teachings, we can better appreciate the urgency and necessity of standing in solidarity with our LGBTQ+ friends, family, and community members.

Gearing Up for Professional Development: LGBTQ+ Inclusion and Belonging

As we embrace these teachings, we invite Jewish communal professionals and lay leaders to join us next month for a professional development session titled “LGBTQ+ Inclusion and Belonging,” presented by Keshet. This event is part of our ongoing “Creating a Space for Belonging” series, designed to equip leaders with the knowledge and tools to foster inclusive communities.

Event Details:
Date: July 17, 2024
Time: 10 AM-12 PM (via Microsoft Teams)
Presented by: Keshet
Dive deep into the experiences of LGBTQ+ individuals in the Jewish community and learn how to create a more inclusive environment where everyone can thrive.

This session promises to be an enriching experience, providing valuable insights and practical strategies for promoting LGBTQ+ inclusion within our organizations and communities. Whether you are already involved in LGBTQ+ advocacy or looking to expand your understanding, this event will offer meaningful opportunities for learning and growth.

Continuing the Journey: Professional Development Series

This upcoming session is a part of our broader Professional Development Series, dedicated to nurturing leadership and fostering environments of belonging. Through a series of virtual workshops and discussions, we aim to empower leaders with the skills and perspectives needed to navigate and address contemporary challenges.

As we look forward to these events, let us carry forward the spirit of Pride Month, committing ourselves to the ongoing work of allyship and inclusion. Together, we can create spaces where everyone feels valued and respected.

For more information on the upcoming professional development session and to stay updated on our series, please contact us at

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