rom recycled bottle flowers to Ten Commandments origami, these five art projects are a fun way to get children introduced to the holiday of Shavuot. Please tag @jewishphoenix on Facebook and Instagram if you make one of these fun projects.


photo of a folded paper origami Ten Commandments craftTen Commandments Origami
This simple paper-folding craft is one that will enable you to talk about the meaning of Shavuot with children. This hand-on project comes with a printable PDF that you can have children decorate with some Hebrew letters or use a plain sheet of paper and decorate with stamps or paint. Then follow the step-by-step instructions for folding, and you’ll end up with a beautiful version of the Ten Commandments tablets that you can stand up on display for the holiday.
Photo and craft from Bible Belt Balabusta.


photo of a bouquet of flowers made from recycled materials Recycled Plastic Bottle Flowers
Flowers are a great addition to any Shavuot table, and these beautiful ones made from recycled plastic bottles are no exception. You can get creative in your choice of paint color and design of flower petal cuts however you choose. The end product will be a beautiful bouquet that you can display on your Shavuot table, and, best yet, the arrangement won’t wilt!
Photo and craft from Creative Jewish Mom.


photo of a brown piece of paper with a mountain drawn on and six drawn images of people along with a few of the Ten CommandmentsMount Sinai, the Ten Commandments, and Us
This engaging project will teach children about the Ten Commandments, which is a huge part of the holiday of Shavuot. Involving children in the story of receiving the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai helps them connect to the lessons, and the craft involves placing themselves in the picture to signify that they, as Jews, were also there during this important moment in our history.
Photo and craft from With Love, Ima.


photo of a woman wearing a flower crown featuring a variety of faux flowers and greeneryFaux Flower Crown
A fun, wearable project that will have children and adults excited to celebrate the holiday. Using faux flowers and greenery of your choice and floral wire, you’ll be able to create a beautiful head piece to wear during Shavuot and all spring long. Make matching ones or keep each crown individually creative. Either way you will feel festive and ready to celebrate Shavuot!
Photo and craft from The Spruce Crafts.


photo of egg carton flowers painted in a variety of colorsEgg Carton Flowers
Here is another fun flower craft using recyclable materials! These egg carton flowers are a perfect craft for children to get creative. Simply have them cut flower shapes out of egg carton cells and paint them in vibrant colors. You can have them grouped together in a basket and use as a centerpiece or sprinkle throughout your house for a festive and colorful Shavuot.
Photo and craft from Make it Jewish


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