Organized by the B&P Committee led by CJP’s Campaign Manager, Yosef Funke, the event aimed to deepen relationships and promote philanthropic engagement among Phoenix’s Jewish professionals. “B&P is designed to encourage meaningful connections among local professionals,” said Funke. This sentiment was echoed by Alan Zeichick, who advised attendees to reach out to each other, get together for coffee, and discover mutual connection points as a foundation for new relationships.

The gathering featured a dynamic keynote conversation between Bob Roth of Cypress HomeCare Solutions and K.C. Kanaan of Envoy America. Both speakers shared the compelling genesis stories behind their businesses, which were born from personal challenges caretaking for their parents and a shared dedication to providing essential services to the aging community.

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Roth, turning personal adversity into advocacy, spoke about how Cypress HomeCare Solutions was founded 30 years ago to offer compassion and independence for aging adults. Roth also touched on the broader challenges facing the aging population and the complexities of long-term care.

Kanaan shared about the humble beginnings of Envoy America, which was boosted by a grant from the Jewish Federation (now the CJP) in 2016. Since then, Envoy America has grown to operate in 30 states and over 300 cities. This expansion highlights the significant return on investment that philanthropic initiatives can achieve, particularly in addressing Social Determinants of Health like access to care, companionship, and community engagement.

Kanaan acknowledged the foresight of the Jewish Federation of Greater Phoenix’s leadership in creating the Senior Rides program, which addresses mobility challenges faced by older adults, enabling them to maintain independence and participate in community activities. In 2023 alone, the program provided a total of 1080 rides to Jewish seniors in Phoenix.

This backdrop makes the services provided by Roth, Kanaan, and the Senior Rides program not just relevant but essential, as they address a critical gap in the community’s needs.

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K.C. Kanaan’s narrative brought an inspiring angle of cross-cultural collaboration. Co-founding alongside a Jewish friend, Kanaan—a Palestinian—empathized how their partnership is a testament to unity and mutual respect.

Participants’ feedback underscored the event’s impact. “I really enjoyed the speakers… It has continued to keep me thinking and wanting to make a plan for me and my family,” shared one attendee. The event’s success was echoed by another participant who felt inspired by the business insights and the positive, welcoming environment.

The testimonials were overwhelmingly positive, with attendees praising the opportunity to merge business insights with personal growth and community building. “The recent networking event was fantastic… With a wide range of businesses present, I learned a lot about different industries and their unique challenges,” said another participant, highlighting the diverse learning opportunities provided.

But perhaps the most poignant takeaway from the evening was the powerful message of unity and collaboration, beautifully encapsulated by Kanaan’s story. In a world too often divided by differences, Kanaan and his Jewish business partners stand as a beacon of what is possible. “We are being told that Palestinians and Jews don’t like one another and can’t work or live together. Yet, my Jewish business partners and I have been best friends,” the closing remarks highlighted, urging everyone to look beyond prejudices and work together towards helping people.

The Business & Professionals Summer Gathering wasn’t just a networking event; it was a testament to the power of human connection and the bridges we can build, even from unlikely beginnings.

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