The Community of Or Atid offers it members a vibrant Jewish life where spiritual nourishment is a priority. We cherish true community where everyone is welcomed for being who they are and celebrated for it. Our Synagogue without walls is sustained by the love we build between each other and the respect that we share for our beautiful Jewish heritage.

Rabbi Julie Kozlow is the spiritual leader and visionary of this new way to do Jewish, to do religion and to do community. She is committed to a Judaism that makes sense in the 21st century and that addresses the very purpose and meaning of our lives.

Join us at the Community of Or Atid for Shabbat services, adult educational class and the One Room Shulhouse for the children, trips to Israel, life cycle events, art and music, which all make for a vibrant environment to call your spiritual home.

Shabbat services are held three times a month at Unity Church, 125. S Arizona Ave., Prescott. Please check the calendar for the schedule of this month’s events.

Rabbi Kozlow can be reached at 928 220-5020.