Temple Solel was established by a group of 12 individuals living in the greater Phoenix area. This group shared a vision of a congregation committed to worship and education, hoping to remain a warm and personal community as it met its mission. Since 1966, Temple Solel has matured to what you see now, a progressive synagogue that blends Jewish values, ethics and traditions into a house of worship and community. Temple Solel offers worship services, programming, social functions and volunteer opportunities for all age groups. 


Our Mission 


The mission of Temple Solel is to be a vibrant, inclusive and engaged Reform community, grounded in relationships and deeds, and elevated by Shabbat and Torah. 


We see the divine spark in each individual by together: 

  • Warmly welcoming all who enter 

  • Nurturing lifelong learning 

  • Creating joy through prayer and music 

  • Celebrating holidays and sharing life cycles 

  • Fostering a love of Israel, and 

  • Working for tikkun olam — repairing the world 


Temple Solel is a growing, welcoming Reform congregation offering engaging programs for congregants from all walks of life and across the age spectrum. 


Our name, Solel, tells something about our philosophy. The Hebrew word Solel means Pathfinder in English. Since our founding in 1966, we have looked for fresh pathways and approaches to Jewish celebration, learning and living, while maintaining an abiding respect for traditional Jewish values. 

Temple Solel has seven values we aim to uphold. 


Our Values 


  • Respect (Kavod) 

Temple Solel believes in the dignity of all human beings and their manifestation of the divine image. This means we treat each other (coworkers, congregants, and guests) with respect. 

  • Collaboration (B’yachad) 

At Temple Solel, we succeed when we work together as a team. This means that we will rely on one another’s unique strengths, commit to supporting our growing areas, and share the information, resources, and ideas needed to create amazing things together. We commit to a culture of transparency which will facilitate collaboration. 

  • Empathic Communication 

Temple Solel commits to listening and speaking to others with awareness and openness to what moves and drives each of us individually. This means that we are direct and compassionate when things could be improved and acknowledging and celebratory when things go right. 

  • People-focused 

Temple Solel is a community, not a commercial business. This means that we treat each interaction as an opportunity to build relationships and encourage a people-focused, rather than transaction-focused, mindset. 

  • Kindness (Chesed) 

Temple Solel is known for its welcoming and kind atmosphere. This warmth to others should extend to all people, knowing that we serve our community best when we are kind to our congregants, our visitors, and each other. 

  • Assuming Best Intent (Kaf Zechut) 

Temple Solel believes strongly in the value of kaf zechut, assuming the best intent of others. This means that if we have a request or concern about others’ behavior, we should speak to them, and of them, with the assumption that they mean well at heart. We can always ask questions from a place of curiosity, not judgment, about where others are coming from. 

  • Proactive Responsibility 

Temple Solel is a busy place, with changing needs, markers of success, and programming from day to day. Proactive responsibility as a value means that each of us commits to asking the questions, seeking out the learning, putting in the work, and offering the creative and constructive ideas needed to make sure all our tasks are accomplished efficiently and effectively. We will hold ourselves and each other accountable to this and all of our values.