Pardes Jewish Day School is an independent Jewish day school providing a dynamic K-8 secular and Jewish education in a welcoming environment that values each child’s strengths. Our program combines a comprehensive academic curriculum focusing on Project Based Learning, a teaching method that engages students actively in learning through inquiry, investigation, creation and demonstration. As a school that embraces 21st century learning, Pardes teachers implement Project Based Learning in the classroom to enhance student motivation while building success skills such as critical thinking, communication and problem-solving.

Technology is integrated into multifaceted, hands-on learning experiences emphasizing real-life problem solving and elevated thinking. At Pardes, children aren’t just students – they are artists, athletes, actors and musicians whose talents are nurtured and encouraged to shine. The result is motivated students who,upon graduation, are accepted to the area’s finest high schools.

Our inclusive Pardes community embraces students from diverse Jewish backgrounds. We are committed to igniting our students’ curiosity to instill life-long learning and to find meaningful ways to bring Judaism into contemporary life.

Pardes embraces the Responsive Classroom program, an evidenced-based approach that recognizes the positive correlation between academic success and social-emotional learning. Responsive Classroom empowers teachers to create safe, engaging communities in which students are taught the core social and emotional competencies: cooperation, empathy, assertiveness, responsibility and self-control. Our Lower School classrooms incorporate Morning Meetings into their daily schedule, creating a strong classroom community and setting students up for academic success. Middle School advisories adopt the Responsive Advisory meeting structure, a safe space for teachers to support students as they explore and develop their sense of self and make meaningful connections with their peers, teachers and community.

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