We’ve got some exciting news to share—Caravan Reot from the Friendship Caravan 2024 is rolling into town in just a few weeks, bringing a whirlwind of energy, culture, and unforgettable performances. Get ready to meet an incredible group of scouts who are about to light up our community with their talent and infectious spirit.

What is the Friendship Caravan?
For those of you who might not be familiar, the Tzofim Friendship Caravan is a dynamic troupe of Israeli scouts who travel around the world, spreading messages of peace, friendship, and unity through song, dance, and vibrant performances. These young ambassadors are part of the Tzofim (Israel Scouts) movement, which is Israel’s version of the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. The Caravan is known for its lively and engaging shows, which highlight Israeli culture and traditions, while also building bridges between communities.

Meet the Scouts of Caravan Reot
Here’s a sneak peek at some of the talented scouts from Caravan Reot who will be gracing our stage:

Eyal Roiz
Eyal Roiz, 17, lives in Yehud-Monosson near Tel Aviv. His mother, Orit, is a clinical psychologist, and his father, Alon, is a CEO in healthcare. Eyal has an older brother, Itay, studying computer engineering, and a younger sister, Adi, who is also in the scouts with him. Eyal has been in the scouts since 4th grade, and this year he is head of the equipment and logistics team. He also plays professional basketball and majors in physics and computer science in school.

Gilad Shecwitz
Gilad Shecwitz, 16, lives in Kibbutz Mishmarot near Pardes Hanna-Karkur. His father, Roi, and mother, Orit, have three children. His older brother is in the IDF, and his younger siblings are in school. Gilad participates in the scouts, guiding 7th graders, and spends time with his close-knit kibbutz community. He majors in physics and computer science and leads a band as the vocalist. Gilad cherishes family traditions and has a deep love for music.

Raz Schiffman
Raz Schiffman, 16, from Kfar Sava, has a mother, Ile, who is a gerontologist, and a father, Eitan, who works at the U.S. Embassy. His younger sister, Shani, is also in the scouts. Raz enjoys family time, traveling, and hiking. He has been in the scouts since 4th grade, currently leading 7th graders. Raz finished high school math early and now studies it at a university level. His interests include hiking, playing various musical instruments, and majoring in physics and computer science.

Yahli Karsh
Yahli Karsh, 16, moved from Australia to Monoson, Israel, six years ago. His mother, Libat, and father, Jonathan, grew up in Monoson and were in scouts together. Yahli has three younger siblings and majors in theatre and computer science. He has been involved in acting and is an assistant director and musical director in a musical. Yahli is eager to meet new people and learn their stories.

Yoav Shanhav
Yoav Shanhav, 17, lives in Tzur Yigal, Israel. His mother, Efrat, is a school principal, and his father, Oz, works for the Ministry of Justice. Yoav has an older brother, Nadav, and a sister, Yael, both former IDF members. Active in the scouts since 4th grade, Yoav now instructs 7th graders. He loves football, especially Barcelona, and played as a goalkeeper until he chose scouts over soccer. Yoav is preparing for the IDF and aspires to be an air force pilot.

Ori Stern
Ori Stern, 17, from Kfar Saba, has a mother, Michal, a consultant, and a father, Ron, an insurance consultant. She has two younger sisters and a dog named Jordi. Ori enjoys family gatherings and hiking. She majors in biology and psychology and has been in the scouts since 4th grade. Ori currently leads 8th-grade scouts and aspires to be a senior coordinator next year.

Alon Zucker
Alon Zucker, from Kefar Yona, is a high school student majoring in physics and computer science. His mother, Hilla, is a nurse, and his father, Oren, works for Google. Alon has an older sister in the IDF and four dogs. He joined the scouts in 9th grade and now counsels 6th graders. Alon is passionate about art, music, and travel, and is excited to meet new people.

Yaheli Marom
Yaheli Marom, 16, from Moshav Brosh, Israel, is an only child with two supportive parents. His mother, Kalanit, is a business management student, and his father, Simo, is a sales manager. Yaheli majors in physical education and English and has been in the scouts since 4th grade, currently leading 5th-grade boys. He loves nature, hiking, and music, and plans to participate in a gap year program before serving in the IDF.

Linoy Cohen
Linoy Cohen, 16, lives in Meitar, Israel. Her mother, Michal, is a school principal, and her father, Yoram, is a driving instructor and hospital employee. Linoy has three older siblings and a close-knit friend group. She majors in theatrics and psychology-sociology and has been in the scouts since 3rd grade. Linoy leads a troop of 5th graders and enjoys dancing and acting. She aspires to join the IDF as a combat soldier.

Romi Rashti
Romi Rashti, 17, from Yehud, Israel, has a father, Rani, in insurance, and a mother, Sarit, a psychotherapist. She has two older sisters and a brother, all with significant achievements. Romi has been in the scouts for eight years, leading children with disabilities and now 6th graders. She majors in theater and literature, and dreams of being a simulator instructor in the Air Force and pursuing a career in acting.

Shai Birnbaum
Shai Birnbaum, born on February 14, 2001, in Cincinnati, Ohio, now lives in Tel Mond, Israel. Raised with the value of “Tikun Olam,” Shai’s parents, Daniel and Bat Ella, have instilled strong values. Shai has two older brothers and a twin sister, Gal. With a passion for curiosity, photography, and cooking, Shai started in the scouts in 4th grade and participated in the Friendship Caravan East Coast delegation. Shai served in the IDF as a military spokesperson and now leads the family NGO “4Minutes.”

Amit Melamed
Amit Melamed, 24, from Rehovot, Israel, has a mother, Ronit, a lawyer, and a father, Ilan, a computer business owner. Amit has three siblings, all with significant roles. Active in the scouts since 4th grade, Amit had various leadership roles and served in the IDF. Amit is passionate about scouting and enjoys photography and cooking. He is excited to reconnect with the Caravan and share experiences.

Why You Shouldn’t Miss Their Performance

The Friendship Caravan’s performance is more than just a show—it’s an experience. Here’s why you should mark your calendar:

  • Cultural Exchange: Witness the beauty of Israeli culture through authentic music, dance, and stories.
  • Inspiration: These young scouts are not only talented performers but also inspiring individuals dedicated to fostering global friendships.
  • Community Spirit: Join us in celebrating the spirit of togetherness and unity. It’s a perfect opportunity to connect with friends, family, and neighbors.

When and Where

During their week in Arizona, they will be performing at both private and public shows. The public, community-wide concerts are free to all, and you will have the opportunity to donate to the Friendship Caravan and purchase some fun swag to remember their visit. Bring your friends and family, and let’s give a warm welcome to these amazing scouts. Email engagement@phoenixcjp.org to find out about where and when you can see them!

Welcome the Scouts from Caravan Reot!

Let’s make this an unforgettable visit for the Friendship Caravan 2024. See you there!

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