Five of the 10 most popular baby names for boys in Arizona originate in the Hebrew Bible, according to the Arizona Dept. of Health Services’ just-released list of popular baby names in 2022.

Noah is the second-most popular baby boy name on the list. Noah is also one of the most popular baby boy names nationally. Santiago, Spanish for Jacob, is number five. Elijah, Ezra and Ezekiel come in at seven, eight and nine, respectively.

The sixth most popular name for baby girls is Mia and the ninth is Ava. Both can be traced to the Hebrew Bible, but through a more circuitous route.

Mia, the shortened form of Maria, originally comes from Miryam, the name of Moses’ sister.

Ava is the least clear of all in terms of origins, but it may be a slight twist on the name Eve.

These biblical names are popular choices for Jews, Christians and secular parents alike.


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