The IDF has called up reservists and activated more military units to patrol the streets and countryside.  As a result, a large number of IDF bases have newly requested help in the form of more overseas volunteers.  They need this logistics assistance – – working in warehouses to pack military supplies, medicines and food rations.

Volunteers For Israel (“VFI”) is a national organization which sends Americans to volunteer on Israeli military bases for one, two, or three weeks at a time.  VFI recruits, processes, and prepares volunteers to work in a non-military capacity on IDF bases.   VFI partners with an Israeli organization, Sar-el, which has brought over 160,000 volunteers from all over the world to volunteer on IDF bases.

“This is a unique volunteer opportunity to show your support for Israel”, said VFI President Mark Werner, who has volunteered 19 times.  “Our volunteers live in the barracks with the soldiers, eat in the mess halls with the soldiers, and work side-by-side with them.  And they build new friendships with like-minded volunteers from around the world, creating unforgettable experiences and building support for Israel”.

No prior military experience is required.  The lower age limit is 17 (16 if accompanied by a guardian), and there is no upper age limit.  “I’ve met our oldest volunteer.  At 94, she was inspiring”, said Werner.  He adds: “Many people volunteer with their children or even their grandchildren.   And the gender breakdown between men and women is roughly 50/50.”

There is something concrete we can do to show our support for Israel. The country needs us now to step up and volunteer on IDF bases more than ever.  Please consider volunteering one, two, or three weeks of your time and effort through Volunteers For Israel (  To speak to a VFI representative, please email Mindy Franklin:

You will get back more than you give.  And the experience will be life-changing.

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