Dear Friends,

I’ve been on Facebook for many years, they say it’s a must if you are a professional. One must make your face, your soul, your work available for the world to find you.  I realize that since I have lived in Prescott, my posts are mostly beautiful photos of Arizona’s big sky and magnificent topography. And then there’s also Tuki, the dog that I love who climbs all of those mountains with me, as well as pictures of my children and grandchildren from when I am able to visit them in LA.

What struck me this week as I emersed myself in the Torah portion of Naso and its powerful Priestly blessing, was how is it that I visually express my deep gratitude for all the blessings in my life?  Facebook gives me that visual expression, and it is expressed through nature, my children, my community, my dog and to be fair, a sprinkle of Quantum Physics and Philosophy.:)  It’s simple yet it is powerful. It is consistent, gentle and inspired by both beauty and love especially when those two things collide. I am quite astounded myself that I continue to be awestruck by the immense beauty that surrounds us here, but I do. I am also equally inspired by magnificent human thought. This is where Naso points us this Shabbat. Not so much in asking to be blessed but instead, realizing that we already are.

Epicurus said,

 Nothing is enough for the one to whom enough is too little.

 I hope to be awed every single day by the beauty that I experience, for this ability to see the blessing in a wildflower or feel them in a summer breeze dancing through the rocks, or to rush through you when you place your foot on a 1.4-billion-year-old Dell, that my friends, should never grow old. There are blessings everywhere.

Yet this ability to see blessing everywhere, is all up to us. It’s all about the glasses that we chose to wear through life. Will those glasses enhance the vision of blessings in everything, or will they see only what one doesn’t have? That question is yours to answer. Yet the answer you choose is the greatest determinant of happiness in your life. How do you express your gratitude for living in the day to day of life?

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