My life has been a bit of a roller coaster. I’ve been a proud wandering Jew, lived and worked in three continents, lived through a few too many wars and moved houses 22 times. I have switched careers a number of times, married twice, lost many close loved ones prematurely and tragically. I was also a rebel student leader, and am also fortunate today to be able to enjoy a football team of grandchildren.

Limmud for me has been a bright light throughout, and I became an obsessive Limmudnik. I made it to the mothership to UK Limmud Festival and presented, as the Federation CEO in New Orleans, I was actively involved in making LimmudFest Nola happen and presented sessions three times, I served on the Limmud International Advisory Committee, the Board of Limmud North America and presented at Limmud AZ in Phoenix.

I want to share with others what I have been given, and what I have learnt and gained; so that they will understand what fortune and opportunity means and make the world a little better place. Hopefully we can all feel good about that and have fun with Jewish learning in its most diverse forms in a big wide open community tent.

So hopefully those elements will be available to you in my forthcoming session on “Scotch, Whiskey and the Jewish Question,” where we will delve into the history and hidden secrets of whiskey, and its role in Jewish ritual and have a little taste too.

Michael Weil, International Strategic Consultant, will lead “Scotch, Whiskey and the Jewish Question” during the Classic Limmud Sessions at Limmud AZ: A Community Conversation on January 28, 2024.

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