Not only do the taste and smells of the food wonderfully connect us to our childhoods, but the actual story that we tell, of the start line to our people’s journey through time, is brought alive once again, like a gift to our memory banks, an inspiration to our senses.

My heart is filled with dreams from the past and hope for the future. Pesach is such an invigorating holiday. We relive the tastes and the traumas of slavery, we ingest the memory of escape and the faith in something better, something more noble than the life of a slave. And how many subtle ways are humans enslaved? The number rises beyond calculation. In these crazy times of major societal shift, stay close to the freedom of the soul. A soul can sense wisdom where a human cannot. Stay united, find reasons to share in unity with your fellow humans. Stay away from believing you alone hold the key to truth, for that too is idolatry and all forms of idolatry are masters of enslavement.

Pesach bids us to look deep into our lives and find the places where freedom should be sought. The places of narrowness, of smallness, of fear and we should pour the tales of courage and bravery into that darkness so that light will take hold.

The most obvious form of enslavement that we suffer from in modern society is cynicism. It is the disbelief in the goodness of humankind, it is the becoming a part of the negative mantra that hums through our world and ignites fears, which ignite the ego to overblow its value. It is a disease within one’s own soul. This is a perfect place to begin the walk out of the narrowness of Mitzrayim and step onto the path of light.

Passover was a rebirth of our people through the parted sea into freedoms possibility. It’s up to each of us to pick up that baton and carry the light towards the next generation and then deliver it in optimism, in hope and in joy for this chance we have been given to be a part of one of the most magnificent stories ever to grace the stage of human existence.

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