In a heartening display of unity and inclusion, Center for Jewish Philanthropy recently came together to celebrate Jewish Disability Awareness Month with the Union for Reform Judaism, Jewish Federations of North America, Network of Jewish Human Services Agencies, and 106 additional national, state, and local Jewish organizations. The event, which took place virtually on February 28, 2024, aimed to raise awareness and promote understanding and inclusivity for individuals with disabilities within the Jewish community.

Attendees were treated to a series of engaging panels and discussions that shed light on the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities and highlighted the importance of creating accessible and supportive environments. From insightful panel discussions featuring community leaders and advocates, the event fostered meaningful conversations and connections.

One of the highlights of the event was the personal stories shared by individuals with disabilities, showcasing their resilience, strength, and contributions to our community. Their narratives served as powerful reminders of the importance of embracing diversity and creating opportunities for everyone to thrive.

Throughout the event, participants were encouraged to reflect on their own roles in fostering inclusivity and to explore tangible ways to support individuals with disabilities. From promoting accessibility in our institutions to advocating for policy changes that prioritize inclusivity, the event sparked a sense of collective responsibility and commitment to action.

The event culminated in a direct action opportunity to support the passage of the SSI Savings Penalty Elimination Act. Attendees were mobilized to advocate for this bipartisan, bicameral bill, which seeks to increase the SSI asset limit for the first time in decades. Through collective action and advocacy, participants were empowered to drive legislative change and advance the rights of individuals with disabilities. The 110 participating organizations sent a letter addressed to the 118th Congress to urge their help in passing the bill.

The letter highlights the importance of advocating for individuals with disabilities within the Jewish community. It emphasizes the need for Congress to prioritize policies that promote inclusivity, accessibility, and equal opportunities for people with disabilities. The letter calls for support for legislation that addresses various issues faced by individuals with disabilities, including healthcare access, employment opportunities, education, and civil rights protections. It urges Congress to work towards creating a more inclusive society where all members, regardless of their abilities, can fully participate and thrive. Click here to see the letter and view the 110 supporting organizations who signed the letter including Center for Jewish Philanthropy.

Overall, the event served as a powerful platform for amplifying voices, fostering collaboration, and catalyzing action in the pursuit of disability rights and inclusion. As attendees departed, they carried with them a renewed sense of purpose and commitment to building a more equitable and accessible future for all.

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