Over 10 years ago, a sociologist came to the community conversation in the Phoenix community and said to over 500 people, “if the Phoenix Jewish community does one thing after this, they should bring Limmud to the community.” He said Limmud was a program that brought people together no matter where they were with their Jewish identity, their background, and Jewish practice. At the time, I was still working at the JCC and it was a community that lived in silos and did not share any programming. Fast forward a few years, as I was leaving my job at the JCC/Federation, my dearest friend said, I have our next project. She said one word “Limmud” and I was hooked!

We created Limmud AZ— now going into its 10th year— and I have been fortunate enough to be able to attend Limmud in the UK many times, Limmud in Israel, training programs through the years, and have come home even more passionate and determined! Currently, I am serving on the Board of Limmud North America and have created friendships around the world that will last a lifetime!

As a lifelong Jewish professional and educator, I am passionate about ways to touch people Jewishly. People consider themselves Jewish in many different ways, and I am excited to be able to create ways to open the doors for people to learn. I truly care about how people’s lives can be affected by the arts through literature, arts, movies and so much more!

I have devoted most of my life both as a teen and an adult to the world of Jewish life. In fact, I met my husband over 47 years ago at a high school in Israel program. Through my work at Jewish Book Council  and the boards I have given my time to I continue to bring Jewish life and interest to those around me.

So my why is because sharing what I am passionate about is so important to me and those I have worked with. I feel as though I can touch people’s lives and provide them with opportunities to continue on their journeys.

10 years later, on January 28, 2024, Limmud AZ brings “Limmud AZ: A Community Conversation.” The day will be divided into four interesting segments:

  • Judaism’s Ten Best Ideas: Dive into profound discussions led by some of our most cherished local rabbis. Explore the essence of simcha, teshuva, tzelem elohim, and more in intimate small group settings.
  • A Community of Belonging: Immerse yourself in a thought-provoking keynote address by a special guest, setting the stage for an enlightening exploration of this vital topic in breakout sessions led by esteemed agency heads and professionals.
  • Classic Limmud Learning: Choose from a diverse array of captivating topics, ensuring you’ll find a session of Jewish learning that resonates with your unique journey and interests.
  • Community Tzedakah/Tikkun Olam Project: Join hands with your fellow participants as we unite for a common purpose – to contribute to repairing the world, one meaningful action at a time

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