At the beginning of May, a packed room of 70 young leaders and community members gathered for the annual event of NowGen’s Leadership and Advancement Series (L.A.S.). NowGen, a program of the Center for Jewish Philanthropy, focuses on providing leadership opportunities for Jewish young adults.

The L.A.S. program is designed to provide emerging leaders with the tools, resources, and support they need to succeed in their careers and make meaningful contributions to their community. Through small mentoring and networking opportunities, participants in the program gain valuable insights and skills that help them navigate challenges and opportunities both personally and professionally.

The annual event offered participants from both the concluding cohort as well as those joining the commencing cohort, an opportunity to connect with each other, learn from the program mentors, hear from CJP staff and board chair, and celebrate their achievements. This year’s event featured a Q & A panel of this past cohort’s mentors focused on topics such as leadership styles, leadership in times of change, work/life balance, and how celebrate wins and move on from losses.

The event concluded with the reveal of mentor groups, during which participants got to meet their mentor and small group members for the upcoming year.

Overall, the L.A.S. Annual Event was a great success, providing participants with valuable insights, connections, and inspiration to continue their journey as emerging leaders. The LAS program and its annual event serve as an important reminder of the power of mentorship and community in supporting the development of the next generation of leaders.

For more information about NowGen, please contact NowGen Director, Andrew Gibbs.




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