Adam Metzendorf has called the Valley home for nearly six years, relocating from Brooklyn, NY, although his roots originate from Ann Arbor, MI. Adam currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona, and has embraced his Jewish identity, finding strength in the cultural aspects of Judaism and using his platform to combat hate and promote inclusivity.

Throughout his life, Adam’s Judaism has been a vital part of his identity. He grew up in a Reform Jewish family, and the sense of family and community fostered within his upbringing left a profound impact. He actively participated in various Jewish events, including his Bar Mitzvah, confirmation, and even representing Ann Arbor in basketball at the Maccabi games. Birthright Israel further deepened his connection to Jewish heritage.

For Adam, the core value instilled by his Jewish upbringing is the importance of taking a stand against injustice. This belief motivated him to become politically active, using his voice and platform to speak up against hate and promote positive change. Even though he may not be highly religious, Adam makes an effort to attend shabbat service once a month, especially after the Tree of Life shooting, to show solidarity and defiance against those who seek to spread fear.

“The biggest aspect of my Judaism and connection to Jewish life is that it instilled in me that if something is wrong, you can’t sit on the sidelines. You need to use your voice, speak up, and do what’s right in the face of adversity,” shared Adam.

Adam’s journey started after graduating from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business, leading him to a successful career in sports with the New Jersey/Brooklyn Nets and sent him to the Valley to work for the Phoenix Suns & Mercury. However, driven by a desire to combat divisive hate and foster understanding, he made a bold decision to run for political office in Scottsdale. Though he didn’t win the primary, he received an impressive 40% of the vote as a relative unknown. Undeterred, he continues to be actively involved in political and community initiatives, utilizing his ability to empathize and listen to bridge divides.

“I am still very politically active and use my platform and voice to combat hate,” said Adam. “I am on the board of the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Phoenix, am taking part in NowGen’s L.A.S. program, play on a basketball team at the J, and am an active member of my congregation at Temple Solel.”

Adam currently holds the position of Director of Business Operations for the Phoenix Mercury. This role allows him to oversee various aspects of the business, including ticket sales, partnerships, broadcast, social responsibility, marketing, and other special projects. He takes great pride in working with the Mercury, an organization that Adam shares “stands for so much more than basketball.” One of the most rewarding aspects of his job is serving as the liaison for “Bring Our Families Home,” where he helps secure tickets for families of Americans wrongfully detained overseas, providing hope and awareness through their stories.

“Knowing I am helping make a small difference to these families is the single most meaningful thing I have done in sports,” said Adam.

Adam actively intertwines his Jewish life within his professional role. He initiated the creation of a Jewish Team Member Network for the Suns/Mercury, aiming to provide support and education about Judaism and antisemitism within the organization. He has also fostered a unique event, the “Home Away From Home Hibachi Break the Fast,” where Jewish traditions come together in a fun and inclusive setting.

In his leisure time, Adam enjoys playing basketball, exploring the culinary delights across the Valley, hiking, biking, and spending quality time with his seven-year-old rescue dog, Falkor. He also appreciates spending his downtime watching TV shows, movies, and listening to music, which offer him relaxation and entertainment.

Adam aspires to continue growing as a leader in the community, determined to make the Valley an even stronger and more inclusive place. As a voice for change, he remains committed to using his influence in the sports industry to make a positive impact in the community, promoting inclusivity, understanding, and support for all.

You can connect to Adam through Instagram and Twitter @adammetzendorf and on LinkedIn.

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