Now, after studying in graduation school and yeshiva in Jerusalem… I return to the theory as a jaded and weary 25 year old. Watch this video to see the spiritual basis… for BIORHYTHMS!

EDIT: Unfortunately I just did a quick search on the internet and the biorhythm theory was debunked. According to the researcher Terence M Hines, “Careful examination of these studies identified methodological and statistical errors that account for the claimed findings supporting the theory. Another 99 studies, covering many different variables, yielded no support. The conclusion is that biorhythm theory is not valid.”

I still think I’m on to something here so I refuse to give up, sorry haters.

Karl Kruszelnicki wrote, “So yes, evidence was actually found for real biological rhythms in humans. And yes, other creatures have their rhythms, with birds migrating at certain times of year, cicadas following 13-year and 17-year cycles, and so on. These real cycles gave credence to these fake biorhythms. Over the next half-century, as part of this real research into real human biorhythms, human hormones were found to be released in cycles. So cortisol floods out in a daily rhythm, while hormones from the pituitary gland in the brain are released roughly every 80 minutes. So evidence grew for genuine circadian rhythms. If you’ve ever had a long-haul flight on a jet, you’ve probably experienced jet lag. This happens when your own internal circadian rhythms don’t match the day/night cycle in your new location.”


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