Food has a remarkable way of bringing people together, transcending cultural boundaries, and fostering a sense of community. When it comes to the Jewish community in Arizona, a remarkable initiative is doing just that – Mazon Tov on Wheels, the AZ Kosher Food Pantry’s food truck, is not only nourishing bodies but also spirits. And this mobile kitchen on wheels is about to make a grand appearance at the Jewish Community Day with the Arizona Diamondbacks, offering kosher culinary delights to enhance the ballpark experience for all attendees.

The Mazon Tov on Wheels project is a heartwarming endeavor by the AZ Kosher Food Pantry, aiming to not only provide delicious food but feed the poor from the profits. The food truck serves as a mobile culinary oasis, providing freshly prepared kosher meals to various events and locations across Arizona. All Profits support the Arizona Kosher pantry and Home ‘N Ess programs that serve Arizona’s poor and homeless. The project is a testament to the community’s dedication to promoting Jewish traditions while also making a positive impact on those in need.

What could be better than enjoying America’s favorite pastime while indulging in delicious kosher treats? The collaboration between Mazon Tov on Wheels and the Arizona Diamondbacks for the Jewish Community Day is a perfect marriage of sports, culture, and cuisine. Attendees will be able to savor kosher delights while cheering for the Diamondbacks, and creating lasting memories with friends and family.

The food truck will be parked on the plaza outside of Gate A and will be open at 11am-2pm that day.

Get your tickets today at and check out the food truck’s menu below. We’ll see you at the game!


Mazon Tov on Wheels Jewish Community Day with the Diamondbacks Menu

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