Allison L. Kierman is the founder and managing attorney of Kierman Law, a distinguished law firm based in Scottsdale, Arizona. With over 15 years of experience in the legal field, Allison has established herself as a trusted advisor and advocate for families seeking guidance in wills, trusts, estate planning, and probate litigation.

Having witnessed the complexities and sensitivities involved in securing a family’s future and financial security, Allison approaches her work with empathy and a deep understanding of the challenges her clients face. As a devoted mother of two, she intimately comprehends the emotional weight of decisions related to guardianship and planning for children’s success. Recognizing the importance of pets as cherished family members, Allison also ensures that proper caretaking arrangements are included in estate plans.

“I love what I do. I spend my day listening to people tell me their stories and about those who are important to them. I find incredible meaning in working with families to prepare for loss and get as organized as possible,” shared Allison.

Allison is renowned for her ability to protect her clients’ family needs with confidentiality, attention to detail, and sophistication. She employs her expertise to provide unique and creative solutions to intricate estate planning inquiries, while always keeping the bigger picture in focus. Whether it involves allocating life insurance proceeds, minimizing estate taxes, or safeguarding assets from creditors, Allison’s goal is to ensure that her clients’ estates are distributed precisely as intended.

In addition to her specialization in wills, trusts, and estates, Allison offers general business consulting and counseling services. Recognizing the complexities that arise when families are also business owners, she provides invaluable advice on business structuring and trusts. Allison seamlessly collaborates with financial planners, accountants, and other advisors to ensure consistency and proper implementation of all aspects of an estate plan. With an extensive network of professionals at her disposal, she can confidently refer clients to individuals who can meet their specific needs when making critical life decisions.

Before establishing Kierman Law, Allison was a partner at a successful law firm, where she provided a broad range of legal services to business owners nationwide. Her exceptional work has garnered recognition, and she has been honored as a Southwest Rising Star by Super Lawyers—an accolade reserved for the top 2.5% of lawyers in Arizona or New Mexico who are either forty years old or younger or have practiced law for ten years or less.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Allison finds fulfillment in various pursuits. She relishes spending quality time with her two children, actively supporting their dance, music, and karate activities. As a devoted dog mother of two Labradoodles, she also enjoys walking, running, and hiking with her furry companions. Allison’s commitment to community involvement is evidenced by her volunteer work with various organizations, ensuring she contributes meaningfully to the betterment of society.

Allison’s connection to Jewish life is an integral part of her personal and professional identity. Having converted to Judaism before marrying her husband in 2008, she is deeply involved in the local Jewish community. Allison serves on the Board of Directors for Congregation Beth Israel and has previously held positions on the Boards of NCJW and the Valley of the Sun JCC. She completed the leadership forums with the Women’s Leadership Institute and Jewish Children’s and Family Services, and frequently contributes to the Jewish News. Her son’s recent Bar Mitzvah at Congregation Beth Israel reflects their family’s commitment to Jewish traditions, and her daughter’s upcoming Bat Mitzvah further strengthens their connection to Jewish faith and values.

Photo of Allison Kierman and her son posing for the camera with the Torah at Congregation Beth Israel in honor of his Bar Mitzvah
Courtesy of Allison Kierman

As a dedicated attorney, Allison’s passion lies in listening to her clients’ stories and understanding the people who matter most to them. She finds immense purpose in assisting families in preparing for the future and organizing their affairs. Emphasizing the importance of intentionality, she advises that estate plans should authentically reflect one’s values and aspirations, as they represent the last words shared with loved ones.

“Many people accidentally omit heirs, improperly describe family members, or forget to include various ‘what if’ scenarios. I have one client whose wife completed their estate plans using an online tool. The wife unexpectedly passed away and the estate plans said everything went to her son. The husband was left out. Was this intentional? Did the wife simply not understand how to properly draft an estate plan? It took time and money to resolve these issues in court. And, because she has passed, the husband was unable to ask the wife if her actions were intentional, causing him significant emotional distress,” explained Allison.

Allison strongly believes in the necessity of engaging a professional to establish an estate plan or will. The complexities involved in such legal matters can be overwhelming, and unintentional errors or omissions may have significant consequences. Drawing from her experience, she highlights the potential pitfalls of do-it-yourself approaches, recounting instances where online tools resulted in unforeseen complications and emotional distress for clients. By seeking the guidance of a qualified attorney like herself, individuals can navigate these intricacies with confidence and ensure their wishes are protected.

To access valuable resources and learn more about Allison’s services, visit her website at She also shares insightful tips and information on social media platforms under the handle @allisonkierman. For personalized assistance or inquiries, Allison can be contacted at 480-719-7333 or via email at With unwavering dedication, she is always ready to help families take care of the business of their lives.

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