Joey Kurtz was born in California, but moved to Mesa, Arizona at just 4-years-old. Despite his native state, Joey “considers [himself] a local at this point” after attending elementary school through college in Arizona. Growing up, Joey attended Temple Beth Shalom of the East Valley, where he began tutoring B’nai Mitzvah students after his own Bar Mitzvah.

“I developed a teaching system that included providing cassette tapes of me singing prayers to help them learn and tracked the progress,” Joey shared. “I gave awards for achievement (such as buying them taco bell) once they mastered a certain number of prayers.”

After graduating high school, Joey enrolled in the United States Army and served as a Procurement and Administrative Coordinator from 2001-2004 and then the Army Reserves until 2009. While serving, Joey was able to attend a few Shabbat services, both in Washington State and in Seoul, South Korea.

“I found it interesting to see our faith being practiced in different parts of the world with the same message,” shares Joey.

After completing his service in the Army, Joey returned to Arizona and launched his career in financial services serving in a number of different roles over the past 17 years. Currently a financial advisor with Edward Jones, Joey works with clients to show how investing what may feel like a small amount of money, due to the power of compounding, may grow into a very large portfolio. Joey prides himself on working with his clients to help them see the benefits of planning for the future even if it starts small.

“The most common misconception I hear in my job is that you must have millions to invest to have a financial advisor, and nothing could be further from the truth. It would be like saying that you need to be in incredible shape to work with a personal trainer,” explains Joey. “The fact is, almost everyone can benefit from working with a financial advisor. You can even open some accounts without any money at all, adding funds, when possible, as long as someone is willing to save. The fact is, the earlier you start, the better off you will be regarding your long-term financial goals.”

Throughout his career, Joey shares that he has encountered many people who have made poor financial decisions, often because they have had to. He shares examples of this have been completing a refinance of a home to pull out cash to pay off high interest rate credit cards.

“This can seem beneficial in the short term, but if someone does this every few years and pays over $10,000 in fees and extends the mortgage’s duration, it can delay when that person can afford to retire,” explains Joey who assists his clients with wealth management strategies that make sense for their short- and long-term goals.

Joey currently lives in Chandler and works in Gilbert, and you can find him hiking his favorite areas including Usury and South Mountain and spending time with friends and family including his three nieces. He is also a self-declared “nerd at heart” and has proudly watched every new Star Trek show he can get his hands on” and recommends “Picard” and “Discovery.” Joey connects to his Judaism as member of Temple Emanuel in Tempe where he joined the building and maintenance committee and Men of Emanuel (MOE).

Those interested in connecting with Joey and those who would benefit from professional assistance with all things wealth creation and preservation are welcome to call or email Joey at his office at (480) 855-7426 or

“There is no question too small or balance too low, I am here to help,” shares Joey.

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